Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Time Flies

As the 1st day commenced and on our bench as i lie,
Watching every footstep that was passing by,
Waiting for someone was me and my eye,
That someone was you, my Sweetiepie.
Held on impatiently for a lecture and then two,
Thought of calling to enquire where are you?
It wasn't that i did not know what had happened,
Only for the fact that i couldn't believe it was true.
Confused with the thought of what to do?
As helpless as i was, could only remember you.

Remembered the days when I saw you at first,
Remembered the days booze quenched our hunger and thirst,
Found your handwriting as i turned every page,
Remembered those days when you cried out with rage,
Remembered you saying awww so sweet,
Remembered those days we hogged tiffins filled with meat,
Your memories with me are piled in a stack,
Its just the presence that i really lack.

Thinking of the good old days made me laugh and made me cry,
For the first time in my life tears rolled down from the heart and not the eye.
Helpless with the situation, didn't i shout nor did i cry,
Just prayed to God that this time passes by.
Imagination brought us together both you and I,
I was holding your hand and you were holding mine.
Where were you baby all this while?
Just beside you sweetheart waiting for your smile.

To be with you baby i gave everything a try,
Nothing seemed to work, your love never let me die.
Beside you with peace eternally will I lie,
I'll have my better days with you in paradise.
Father, listen to my prayers and listen to my cries,
& let those days come soon as i wish 'TIME FLIES'