Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nothin Lyk 'MOMMA'

From the day I was born,
You were always there to make me strong.
The more I cried, the more you sighed,
On my laughter you always smiled.
Be it day or nyt,
You never let me go out of sight.
On your lap as i lay,
No one would I fear neither known nor stray.
You picked me up from the cradle,
That day onwards you've been my idol.
Your love and support is all I need,
And I don't care if its my greed.
I always want you to be by my side,
Be it as a friend  or as a guide.
Only you can help me when am in trauma,
Thats why I say "NOTHIN LYK MOMMA"

Monday, 12 September 2011

Lonely Soul

Ma Feelings,
I don't know how to show,
I am feeling very low,
You won't understand, I know.

But still,
Let me now explain
I am in extreme pain,
My attempts to be happy are in vain.

Am missing,
My Dad, Mom, Friends, Girlfriend, Enemies,
Happiness, sorrow, love, respect, hugs and kisses
from all.

Can i get those happy days back,
& those moments that i really lack,
Only those days can bring me back on track.

U said " Ask and u shall receive",
But neither did i find nor did i conceive,
The faith I have in you please do not deceive.

Thank you for whatever you did,
My life is packed in a box with a tightly closed lid.

Love u & Miss you all..