Tuesday, 23 August 2011

DEAR DAD......

When i see you after so many years,
My eyes will be filled with tears,

I'll hug you tight and say dad i missed you,
And will wish that with us forever u stay,

Our family is always incomplete without you,
I know that you realize it too,

You are my greatest support,
And hence i cant see u go apart,

But as usual when another vacation cums to an end,
You'll go back leaving us as per the trend,

And then everyday i'll sit staring at d moon,
wishing dat my loving dad comes back soon........


Drinking Breezer,will neva make u feel easier..
Tasting Wine,is the best when u dine..
Mugs of Beer,will kill your fear..
A bottle of Champagne,to celebrate your gain..
Gin makes a lady,fly like a birdy..
Whiskey,a bit too much may turn risky..
Brandy is good when you ail & better when you fail..
You will enjoy your Vodka shot,till the time you don't get caught..
Let the Rum be dark or white,it won't let you choose the right..
Scotch drinking guy make him your mate,if it's a lady be sure you date..
Fill Tequila to the core,then go on & burn the floor..
Smoke's give you the final touch,it can't be replaced with anything as such.....!!!!!!!!