Saturday, 26 May 2012

Future Engineers

Want to get into engineering, hope I get through,
Was what I had thought in my HSC vacations, when I actually had nothing to do.
Had heard that "An Empty mind is a devil's den" but had never experienced it,
1st semester results helped me understand the proverb, each and every bit.
An hour of lecture here passes out really fast,
Some consist of revision of the past, n some teach u "Life is a race Beta you better run fast".
Unit tests start the semester and boards lead to the end,
And to add to all this burden, loads of assignments do append
Practicals is another torture that sets our arses on fire,
Though we may know the book in and out, can hardly connect even a simple stupid wire.
The biggest credit for this goes to our teachers who pretend to be the best,
They teach the simplest things in college and expect us to do the rest.
Though they lead you through a disgusting road to failure, you've to simply follow their way,
If you try to argue with them, viva will be your judgement day.
"Hasn't been asked in previous papers" is by far the best answer for your query,
If they say "I'll get back to you later" don't believe them its simply ball curry.
10-12 is the highest u'll get in term work, though the whole semester you drudge,
Because here term work does not mean work done in the term, its inversely proportional to grudge.
Christmas used to be merry and monsoon was fun on the wet roads,
All this time passes by now just in writing those mindfucking boards.
Confused as i am, to be proud or to be sad,
We are "FUTURE ENGINEERS" buddies, be it good or bad.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Devil's Den

Lost I am in this cruel world,
Frightened to get into their cunning mould.
Pain is all what they can ever give,
Pushing me through thoughts of should I die or should I live.
Each passing day is nothing better than hell,
None hear my cry though i scream, though i yell.
Things called humans tearing me apart,
All they leave back is a bruised bleeding heart.
Thousands of people around but still all alone,
No one to comfort me as I sit back and mourn.
The culprit was man's money for sure,
Because greed is a disease without any cure.
Lying on the street as I urge the creator,
Please help me out sooner or later.
None in this world could fulfill my quest,
Waiting for the day that gives me eternal rest.