Thursday, 25 August 2011


How i wish i had a little miss,
whom i could call my lovely sis,

she would be the cutest part of my soul,
no one else but she would be my goal,

like the angels up above,
she would be my sunshine made with love,

in this life i know we will never meet,
because that's our fate which we have to greet,

although we are miles apart,
you will stay in my heart,

with loads of love and kisses,
just wanted to say miss you my dear little princess....


I have been in your arms for so long,
which made me feel so strong,

i have hugged you very often,
which made my rockhard heart soften,

so many times i have kissed your lips, 
and every time i think of it my heartbeat skips,

we have been intimate also at times,
which cant be earned by a million dimes,

all this you did without giving a second thought,
but me being an idiot with you only i fought,

now i regret the time when i did so,
n thinkin of it makes me feel low,

i am really sorry for the things i have done,
without you dear life is no fun,

come back to me baby this is my earnest request,
together we will build our own happy nest...