Friday, 26 August 2011

THE ONE !!!!!!

I love the way You touch me with your palm,
it makes me feel so calm.

I love the way You care,
so I wonder "How You manage to be so fair?"

I love the way You think,
that's the reason our heart share a link.

I love the way You talk,
which doesn't allow me to eye on the clock.

I love the way You walk,
you attract my attention even in a flock.

Finally I love the way You smile,
because it carries me away many a mile.

The only reason I say " GOD THANK YOU ",
is because he created an amazing beauty like You.

I don't mind what You mean for others,
but this beauty is only meant for me brothers.


Those kisses and those fights,
i think of every night,
it makes me blush and smile,
but then i realize it was all just for a while.....

I miss those days when we sat hand in hand,
letting our imaginations flow across the land,
claiming to be each other's best friends,
we promised to be there for each other till the end.....

Every priceless moment we spent together,
will always be with us forever and ever,
even though we wont meet everyday,
lets live with the hope that we will come across each other's way....someday.....

Thursday, 25 August 2011


How i wish i had a little miss,
whom i could call my lovely sis,

she would be the cutest part of my soul,
no one else but she would be my goal,

like the angels up above,
she would be my sunshine made with love,

in this life i know we will never meet,
because that's our fate which we have to greet,

although we are miles apart,
you will stay in my heart,

with loads of love and kisses,
just wanted to say miss you my dear little princess....


I have been in your arms for so long,
which made me feel so strong,

i have hugged you very often,
which made my rockhard heart soften,

so many times i have kissed your lips, 
and every time i think of it my heartbeat skips,

we have been intimate also at times,
which cant be earned by a million dimes,

all this you did without giving a second thought,
but me being an idiot with you only i fought,

now i regret the time when i did so,
n thinkin of it makes me feel low,

i am really sorry for the things i have done,
without you dear life is no fun,

come back to me baby this is my earnest request,
together we will build our own happy nest...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just Friends !!!!

It all started with an sms chat,
and ended up in hugs and kisses with no playback,
every night i used to think of you,
and then came your message telling me that you miss me too....

Friendship is the one that brought us close,
and you are a friend whom i never wanna lose,
you have been with me through my thick and thin,
and so loving you is never a sin....

But finally i got to know,
we are not meant for each other as you know,
and now my only wish for you,
is that you find someone who will love you more than i do....


"Shit dude!! How can this be? I fail!!"
Looking at the result as i turned really pale
"Sorry dude but leave me alone"
As I left college in a sad wiery tone
Nothing looked right as i walked down the lane
May be because of the fright or because of the pain
Heading nowhere along an unknown street
So that I would not meet even a person from my fleet
As tears rolled down blurring my vision
Walking the road home felt like an impossible mission
"Why did you do this to me, Why oh Lord??"
Blaming God for all that was odd

Suddenly it so happened that I bumped onto someone
Some books fell and I bent to correct the mistake done
As i picked up the books I saw a pair of pretty legs
The buzz in them was greater than a couple of pegs
As my eyeballs rolled up her hips caught my look
Before i knew it, on me, her charm overtook
As i stood up completely stood up & in front of me was her face
My heart started beating with a fluctuating pace
Looking at her lips that were really so cute
I couldn't even mumble, I felt like a mute
In her eyes I could see some kind of a charm
They looked prettier than tulips in a farm
Looking at her body completely altogether
Betting, to create her, God had employed his best sculptor
As i passed her the book her hand touched my hand
The gentle touch took me to me to my own fairyland
My eyes were fixed at her when she was near me all the while
Which continued to be stuck even when she had passed about a mile
There was a smile on my face with tears in my eyes
I guess she was sent by God as an angel in disguise.

    " I dunno whether GOD exist or not but ANGEL'S do "

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

DEAR DAD......

When i see you after so many years,
My eyes will be filled with tears,

I'll hug you tight and say dad i missed you,
And will wish that with us forever u stay,

Our family is always incomplete without you,
I know that you realize it too,

You are my greatest support,
And hence i cant see u go apart,

But as usual when another vacation cums to an end,
You'll go back leaving us as per the trend,

And then everyday i'll sit staring at d moon,
wishing dat my loving dad comes back soon........


Drinking Breezer,will neva make u feel easier..
Tasting Wine,is the best when u dine..
Mugs of Beer,will kill your fear..
A bottle of Champagne,to celebrate your gain..
Gin makes a lady,fly like a birdy..
Whiskey,a bit too much may turn risky..
Brandy is good when you ail & better when you fail..
You will enjoy your Vodka shot,till the time you don't get caught..
Let the Rum be dark or white,it won't let you choose the right..
Scotch drinking guy make him your mate,if it's a lady be sure you date..
Fill Tequila to the core,then go on & burn the floor..
Smoke's give you the final touch,it can't be replaced with anything as such.....!!!!!!!!