Wednesday, 24 August 2011


"Shit dude!! How can this be? I fail!!"
Looking at the result as i turned really pale
"Sorry dude but leave me alone"
As I left college in a sad wiery tone
Nothing looked right as i walked down the lane
May be because of the fright or because of the pain
Heading nowhere along an unknown street
So that I would not meet even a person from my fleet
As tears rolled down blurring my vision
Walking the road home felt like an impossible mission
"Why did you do this to me, Why oh Lord??"
Blaming God for all that was odd

Suddenly it so happened that I bumped onto someone
Some books fell and I bent to correct the mistake done
As i picked up the books I saw a pair of pretty legs
The buzz in them was greater than a couple of pegs
As my eyeballs rolled up her hips caught my look
Before i knew it, on me, her charm overtook
As i stood up completely stood up & in front of me was her face
My heart started beating with a fluctuating pace
Looking at her lips that were really so cute
I couldn't even mumble, I felt like a mute
In her eyes I could see some kind of a charm
They looked prettier than tulips in a farm
Looking at her body completely altogether
Betting, to create her, God had employed his best sculptor
As i passed her the book her hand touched my hand
The gentle touch took me to me to my own fairyland
My eyes were fixed at her when she was near me all the while
Which continued to be stuck even when she had passed about a mile
There was a smile on my face with tears in my eyes
I guess she was sent by God as an angel in disguise.

    " I dunno whether GOD exist or not but ANGEL'S do "

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