Friday, 4 May 2012

The Devil's Den

Lost I am in this cruel world,
Frightened to get into their cunning mould.
Pain is all what they can ever give,
Pushing me through thoughts of should I die or should I live.
Each passing day is nothing better than hell,
None hear my cry though i scream, though i yell.
Things called humans tearing me apart,
All they leave back is a bruised bleeding heart.
Thousands of people around but still all alone,
No one to comfort me as I sit back and mourn.
The culprit was man's money for sure,
Because greed is a disease without any cure.
Lying on the street as I urge the creator,
Please help me out sooner or later.
None in this world could fulfill my quest,
Waiting for the day that gives me eternal rest.

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